Astron Moon I

Have a taste on being an Engineer in European Space Agency(ESA). Hong Kong first space programme on ESA moon camp challenge.

Following ESA Moon Camp Challenge programme , 60pins designed astron moon for 7-9 years old HONG KONG students to maximize their creativity.Student will use Tinkercad to create a base on moon.

During the Challenges, students needs to design the Lunar Lander,which is the spacecraft when landing on moon.Be the Moon camp pioneers.

Build the best Lunar Orbital Space Station for sustainable living of astronauts.

Following the great story of US Mars Rover,your Lunar Rover will take on the mission of moon discovery.

Astron Moon II

60Pins x ESA @Hong Kong. We bring Hong Kong students to the Space.


60Pins will guide 10-12 years old students to compete in ESA Moon Camp Pioneer level.We will build a complete moon base with Fusion 360. The Moon base design helps kids to act as an observation dome on top of the lunar surface for space photography. 

Throughout the programme, students will have more understand on Moon ecosystem, the soil, the unique water ice on lunar. 

Other than astron moon I, Moon Base Pioneers will have deeper science knowledge usage. Students need to consider power sourcing , recycling system, food growth chamber and Protection from meteorities & radiation. 


Astron Simulator

60pins will guide Hong Kong student to join ESA Mission Zero project


One-day space project about pixel art, colour and coding arts in urban environments.The images will be created through the code. Students will have a chance to learn python coding and pixel art. The code and pixel art will be deployed in Space by the ESA astronauts in ISS(International Space Station). 

This ESA project is hugely trending in Europe but never exist in Hong Kong. You will be the first one to join the events with 60Pins.

Astron Lab

Hey, the Young Space data scientists in Hong Kong!

We are introducting you the Astron Lab(ESA Mission Space Lab), you will be the first space data scientists in Hong Kong!Also make the first step into machine-learning and AI plus data analysis.

ESA Mission Space lab is designed for age: 13-15 student to conduct experiment with Raspberry Pi, play sensor + data logger.


Galaxy Flight

ESA,CNSA,NASA,JASA have heavy demand on spaceship pilots. Equip yourself!Little Astronauts, the professional pilot will teach you everything about

Space travel
Takeoff vs Liftoff
Physics: force, zero gravity, moment
Navigation & tracking & geography
Communication on the Earth & Space

Rocket Launcher

Create and manage your own space program. Build spacecraft, fly them, and try to help the Kerbals fulfill their ultimate mission of conquering space.

As a engineer in ESA, you will spend a lot of time on calculation.Why you should try this game?Because NASA used Kerbal to educate a new audience about SpaceX’s Crew Dragon flights in 2020

Age: 13-15

You & aliens will play as a team to study the rocket launching theory, build rockets through trial & error.

Have better and practical experience on science.

Have a strategic planning on the usage of funding and resource management.

Astron Drone

age: 10 – 15

Drone Coding Game Simulator

Python / Scratch Coding

Obstacles Calculation

metAstronomy - VR

2. Horoscope
Cospace Coding
Coding in Space

Space - AR

AR Cube

Cospace Edu 

NFT in Space

Understanding of NFT, cryptocurrency blockchain & security

NFT collection design

Make a NFT perler bean keychain

Understanding pixel art & pointillism

Link it to virtual gallery as portfolio

Futuristic Space Art

Created by You & Me



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