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In addition to teaching, 60Pins also pays great attention to the physical and mental health of children, hoping to understand the true needs of children. In order to assist students with special educational needs to develop and grow up healthily, we can provide referral services if necessary.

We have cooperated with the New Horizons Development Centre for many years. We will cooperate in designing courses on different topics, hoping to help parents and children’s all-around growth. It is an educational and psychological service organization founded by registered educational psychologist Mr. Fritz Pang in 1993 to provide different counseling and learning support services.

In addition, in order to assist in the early awareness of children with special learning needs, we can also refer educational institutions that can provide play therapy to families in need. Play therapy can allow children to naturally express or expose their true feelings, thoughts, experiences, and behaviors.

We hope to help and assist every family, parent, and child to grow up happily.


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